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Materials and Parts

VAC is World Leader in Magnetic Materials

VAC's visionary progress has made the company a market leader in the development of cutting-edge materials in the world. In recent years, VAC has pioneered the development of innovative and advanced materials for such industries as article surveillance, automotive, clock, electrical engineering and electronics.

All of our alloys are melted in vacuum induction furnaces in our Materials Division. Later, all of these alloys go into our products, such as soft magnetic materials, permanent magnets and magnetic semi-hard materials as well as alloys with special non-magnetic properties. These alloys are the reason that VAC is the largest and most diversified supplier of magnetic materials in the world.

Typically we supply alloys in the form of tapes, strips, round rods or wires to our customers. However, depending of the customer's needs, they are also available in other forms. Our Parts Division manufactures further processed products such as sheet packages, stamped and bent parts as well as screens. In addition to ready-made solutions, by working closely with our customers we develop custom tailored alloys and parts to meet their specific needs.

Often, the diversification of the Materials and Parts Division serves as a single-point sourcing option for our customers, because it offers them everything from the melted material to a customized system.

Custom Services

VAC's state-of-the-art product range is further expanded by performing custom services for our customers. Here are just a few of the services that we provide for our customers:

  • Vacuum Induction Melting (VIM)
  • Slab grinding
  • Tape cold rolling
  • Tape shot peening
  • Tape grinding
  • Stretcher-and roller leveling
  • Tape cutting open with circular shears
  • Hydrogen annealing stationary and in circulation
  • Impregnating
  • Trowalise parts



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Last update: 15.05.2013