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VAC Products:

Semi-hard Magnetic Materials

Semi-hard magnetic materials include all alloys whose coercivity is between that osoft magnetic and hard magnetic materials in terms coercivity. These alloys idea for applications which require permanent magnets in form of strips, rods and wires or those calling for the production of stamped, stamped-bent and machined parts.

Semi-Hard Materials include VACOZET®, MAGNETOFLEX®, CROVAC® (Isotop and Anisotop), SENSORVAC®, and SEMIVAC®.

VACOZET refers to a magnetic semi-hard alloy that is composed of Cobalt, Iron and Nickel. VACOZET is preferably used in bistable relays and display elements.

MAGNETOFLEX refers to a permanent magnetic alloy that is composed of Cobalt, Iron and Vanadium. The typical applications for this alloy are motors, compass needles and tachometers.

CROVAC is a group of permanent magnetic alloys that are composed of Iron, Chromium and Cobalt. The alloy is available in two versions: Isotop and Anisotop. CROVAC has lower raw material costs compared to other alloys in this group.

SENSORVAC and SEMIVAC are Cobalt-free alloy composed of Iron and Nickel. They are manufactured in the form of tape and wire and are used in Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems.


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Last update: 12.04.2016