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VAC Products:

Soft Magnetic Materials

The great importance and value of soft magnetic alloys in electrical engineering and electronics has led to the development of many innovative materials. At VAC we use state-of-the-art processes as well as innovations from metallurgy, physics and technology to manufacture many high-quality soft magnetic alloys.

Today, advanced soft magnetic materials are key components of many devices, which are vital aids in modern electrical engineering and electronics. Because the materials play such a significant role in these applications, even greater care has to go in to choosing the right type of alloy for each application. That is why we apply great care and technological know-how to select the right materials, so that our customers achieve optimum results.

In recent years there has been significant progress made in the field of soft magnetic materials. VAC has been a leading contributor to these developments by adding new ground-breaking alloys. Amorphous and nanocrystalline metals are such new additions to our product offering. They represent an expansion and enhancement of the range of soft magnetic alloys. Due to their structure and composition they have many advantages and innovative properties. Read more about Soft Magnetic Materials and Semi-finished Products.


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Last update: 08.05.2014