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The product range of our rare-earth magnets covers a carefully balanced program of materials with different magnetic properties. As a result, it is relatively easy to select a material suitable for any specific application.

VACODYM®*) is the group of alloys offering the highest energy densities available today. Here you find an overview of the typical properties of our VACODYM-magnets.

VACOMAX® is our permanent magnet material of rare-earths and cobalt. These magnets feature especially high coercivities with simultaneously high saturation and excellent temperature and corrosion stability. Here you find an overview of the typical properties of our VACOMAX-magnets.

Magnets made of VACODYM and VACOMAX are produced powder metallurgically by sintering. The main processing steps are given here. Depending on size, shape, tolerances, batch size and magnetic requirements, the parts are either cut from isostatically pressed blocks or are die-pressed. When die-pressing, the powder particles are aligned by strong magnetic fields parallel (axial field for AP-grades) or perpendicular (transverse fields for TP-grades) to the direction of pressing depending on the geometry of the part. Isostatically or transverse-field pressed parts have an about 6 % higher remanence compared to axial-field pressed magnets.

CALORIVAC®  Our material expertise lays the foundations for new developments. In the field of magnetocaloric alloys, from 2013 our trade name CALORIVAC defines our product range. Eco-friendly and energy saving cooling equipment, as well as heat pumps, can be built with such alloys. Conventional compressors with gaseous refrigerants can therefore be replaced.
VAC is your reliable partner in research and development.
Our material is based on lanthanum, iron and silicon and we offer such alloys in different forms of supply. You may read more about magnetocaloric materials here.

*) = licenser Hitachi Metals, Ltd.


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Last update: 24.04.2018