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VACCOAT epoxy spray coating

This coating was recently developed by our in-house team and sets new standards thanks to the combination of corrosion protection, temperature resistance, paint application and the subsequent processing of the coated magnets into assemblies. Once hardened, VACCOAT 20011 provides VACODYM with impressive corrosion protection. Unhardened, the coating can also be used as a high-strength adhesive. When baked, it forms a high-strength bonded joint with typical shear-resistance values of > 15 N/mm². The coating also effectively protects the system from corrosion. The corrosion protection it provides is comparable to that of an aluminium spray varnish, making it far superior to cathodic dip varnishing. The baked film has a pencil hardness of at least 4H and can withstand heats of up to approx. 200°C. Layers of between 5 µm and 40 µm with a superior visual finish can be produced in a single operating process. The colour of the coating can be amended (standard: black). The coating is abrasion-resistant and provides extremely good electrical insulation. As with aluminium spray varnish, the layers are applied to the magnets either automatically in a continuous flow or via a barrel-plating process.

The latest generation of VACCOAT coatings, VACCOAT 30033, was developed and optimized for maximum corrosion protection. VACODYM magnets coated with this heat cured spray coating show corrosion resistance periods of over 1000 h in both salt-spray testing as per EN ISO 9227 and autoclave testing at 130 °C / 100% humidity / 2.7 bar. Other standard coatings for rare-earth magnets, such as galvanic metal coatings, cannot match corrosion resistance periods of this duration in both tests simultaneously.
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Last update: 15.05.2013