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VAC has many years of experience in the manufacture of permanent magnets and in the design of magnetic circuits. As well as analytical methods, we use powerful calculation programs for the analysis and design of magnet assemblies. These include 2D and 3D field calculations using the method of the finite elements. Their use greatly helps to cut the development times of systems. As well as single magnets, we therefore increasingly also supply complete magnet assemblies according to customer specifications.

The use of soft magnetic materials as system components, such as VACOFLUX® and VACOFER®, customer-specific requirements can be met to a particular degree. Furthermore, correct fitting and magnetisation of the systems is possible in many cases only if the magnets and other system components are assembled directly by the magnet manufacturer. Read more about this in our brochure Magnet Assemblies VACODYM VACOMAX


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Last update: 20.01.2015