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In the early 1990s VAC developed the nanocrystalline material VITROPERM® based on rapid solidification. The VITROPERM 500 F power transformer can be used to outstanding effect in switching concepts for power supplies.

The circuit topologies of switched mode power supplies have assumed an important role in the range of up to 100 kW in transport technology and in industrial power supplies. Usually, push-pull converters in full or half bridge circuits are used that are modulated with pulse-width modulation (PWM) at frequencies of 5 kHz to 50 kHz.

The main advantage of switched solutions is a construction volume up to 1/20 smaller - in comparison to the classical 50 Hz or 16 2/3 Hz technology.

Transformers with the following properties are needed to be able to exploit this:

  • low switching losses, even at high alternating amplitudes
  • high saturation induction and thus high magnetisation
  • high electric strength of the windings

This property profile is featured by VITROPERM transformers, while standard ferrite transformers cannot meet this profile in all points.

VITROPERM 500 F transformers can be operated at 0.9 T, almost three times the induction swing of a ferrite transformer. Due to the low temperature dependence of the material, this high induction swing is also available up to the upper operating temperature limit.

Material technology in conjunction with application skills.

The technological demands of the transformers are extremely high in rail applications. These include:

  • Jolting and vibration load
  • Isolation voltage requirements of up to 6 kV
  • Good heat transfer

On the basis of many years of technological experience in power electronics, VAC can offer a range of different component constructions that satisfy these demands. The extremely low magnetostriction of VITROPERM 500 F enables compact solutions that are not possible with classical ferrite technology.

Please find here our standard range of Power Transformers and Cores for Power Transformers

Last update: 05.09.2016


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