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From the very start VACUUMSCHMELZE has been a leader in the production of commercially available magnet grades with a high remanent polarization.

Such magnets achieve a superior maximum energy density and enable the optimization of magnet assemblies with respect to efficiency, weight and volume.

Development of Permanent Magnets with a maximum Energy Density

The maximum energy density is a figure of merit for the work, that a magnet can perform and is mainly determined by the remanent polarization of the magnet. A magnet assembly can be the smaller, the higher the maximum energy density of the magnet material. However, a prerequisite for reliable operation is an adequate temperature stability, which is mainly determined by the coercivity of the magnetic polarization HcJ

In the development of Nd-Fe-B magnets, VAC's material and production experts focused on a continuous improvement of the maximum energy density. In recent years, Nd-Fe-B magnets with world record values for the maximum energy density could be manufactured under laboratory conditions. Thanks to the optimization of the alloy, an improved manufacture of the alloy-powder and proper alignment of the alloy-powder particles as well as adapted sintering and annealing conditions, Nd-Fe-B magnets with a remanent polarization of 1.519 T and a maximum energy density of 56.7 MGOe could be manufactured in 2002. This worldwide best value at that time demonstrates the outstanding performance of the manufacturing process for VACODYM magnets and enables continuous improvements in the commercial production of VACODYM magnets.

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Last update: 29.11.2012


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