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Magnetization process with uniaxial anisotropy parallel to tape axis

Rectangular (Z) loops have a remanence ratio of BR/BS ≈ 80 … 98 %. The initial permeability is rather low and the maximum permeability extremely high.

Example nanocrystalline Z materials: µi ≈ 5.000, µmax ≥ 650.000.

Wherever sudden induction or impedance changes are required under small changes in field strength.

Examples: pulse power cores, magnetic amplifier chokes, high permeable bipolar modulated converters and transformers.

Magnetization process:
The uniaxial anistropy Ku parallel to the ribbon axis results in domains with magnetization parallel to H. With increasing fieldstrength H domains magnetized parallel to H grow at the expends of those with magnetization in the opposite direction. This leads to Barkhausen jumps of the intermediate domain wall and with this to strong non-linear changes in induction.

Manufacturing process:

  • Texturing by aligning the crystallites using appropriate rolling and annealing steps.
  • Heat treatment in a magnetic field parallel to the axis of the wound ribbon.

Last update: 02.07.2012


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