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The assembly of magnet systems consisting of VACODYM® or VACOMAX® magnets in conjunction with soft magnetic parts, requires great skills in handling of the materials, detailed knowledge of the material properties and appropriate assembly methods.

The knowledge and many years of experience of VACUUMSCHMELZE staff guarantee for expert knowledge in the assembly of the magnet systems. As the vast majority of the systems are joined by bonding technology, the choice of the adhesive and the pre-treatment of the bonding surfaces are very important for the quality of the assembly process. Corrosion protection and surface coating options are additional aspects for a proper choice of the bonding method. VACUUMSCHMELZE has set up extensive studies on adhesive combinations. So we are able to choose and use the best combination from a large number of adhesives in conjunction with all varieties of surfaces to be bonded and for different application requirements (temperature stability, chemical resistance, strength, hardening properties).

Secondary part of a lineardrive

The safe handling of magnetised parts during assembly requires particular experience. For small magnet systems, the exact positioning of the non-magnetised parts usually is most important. On the other hand, in large volume systems large magnetised parts have to be processed with resulting force which may be as high as several tons! Various calculation tools support VAC's design of assembly process and assembly tools.

Last update: 03.12.2012


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