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VACUUMSCHMELZE (VAC) has undertaken all appropriate efforts to ensure that all of the information posted on the VAC website is correct at the time of publication. VAC shall accept no liability for any errors or omissions that nevertheless occur.

VAC makes no promises and gives no guarantees - either expressly or tacitly - with regard to the accuracy or completeness of the contents of this website. Furthermore, VAC reserves the right to make changes without prior notice if necessary.

Neither VAC nor one of its subsidiaries, affiliated companies, directors, managers, employees or authorised agents shall be in any way liable vis-a-vis any persons for direct, specific, indirect or subsequent damages or for other damages of any kind or for any costs or expenses resulting from the use of the contents of this website.

All decisions (including decisions about investments, without being restricted to them) that are made on the basis of information contained in this website shall be the responsibility of the reader. None of the information in this website is a request or advice with respect to a decision about investments or other transactions in connection with shares or securities in VAC or its subsidiaries or affiliated companies, and neither should it be interpreted in this way.

Links to the websites of third parties containing information about VAC and/or its subsidiaries and affiliated companies are provided only for the convenience of the reader. VAC is not the party that publishes this information and shall not accept any responsibility for it.

Any visitor to this website who passes on information to VAC agrees that VAC has unlimited rights to such information and that VAC can use such information in any way that VAC deems correct. Information provided by a visitor shall not be considered confidential.


Last update: 02.07.2012


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