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Galvanic Tin

Galvanic tin coating provides good corrosion protection against atmospheric influences, humidity as well as weak acids and alkaline solutions.

The tin coating applied at VAC is dense and free of interconnected pores. The typical coating thickness range for magnets is 15 - 30 µm. The finish of tin coating is silvery - white and slightly glossy. No phase transitions occur between -40 °C and the melting point of 232 °C. The deposition process is optimized by VAC for Rare-Earth Magnets especially to preclude hydrogen damage to the surface of the magnet during coating positively.

Small parts can be coated economically in a barrel. Larger parts are galvanized in a rack. The decision on which method to use is governed by the weight of the part and/or the geometry (typical nominal values: 25g rack)

The special merits of tin coatings are their high resistance to environmental influences (e.g. 85 °C/85 % relative humidity) as generally specified for electronic applications. Tin is highly ductile and is almost free of internal stresses over a wide coating thickness range, moreover the process is highly reliable. There is no risk of cracking or flaking. Mechanical stress does not lead to chipping but merely to deformation of the tin coating so that the magnetic material is still protected safely.

After thorough cleaning the tin coating is free of all residues and thus provides an ideal surface for many adhesives.

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Last update: 15.05.2013