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Rare-Earth Magnets

The product range of our rare-earth magnets covers a carefully balanced program of materials with different magnetic properties. As a result, it is relatively easy to select a material suitable for any specific application.

VACOMAX® is a group of materials made of rare-earths and cobalt. These magnets feature especially high coercivities with simultaneously high saturation and excellent temperature and corrosion stability. An overview of the typical characteristics of VACOMAX magnets can be found here

VACODYM® is a group of materials based on Nd-Fe-B. Magnets made of these alloys have the highest currently available energy densities. An overview of the typical characteristics of our VACODYM magnets can be found here.

Read more about this in our brochure Rare-Earth-Permanent Magnets VACODYM • VACOMAX  


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Last update: 04.11.2015