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For all VAC alloys the sequence of cold rolling steps is documented in detail in manufacturing plans. The production parameters have to be controlled continuously because they affect the magnetic and mechanical properties of the final product. Particularly intermediate annealing steps and the degree of cold work play an important role.

VAC facilities provide both rolling and wire-drawing equipment. Our wire products excel by high quality and an extremely smooth surface.

Read more about Reductions of pollutant emmisions during cold rolling in an article written by Heinrich G. Bauer published in "Metallurgical Plant and Technology" 3/2007, pages 114 - 116 and about  Cold rolling - Environmental protection in an article from Heinrich G. Bauer and Andreas Hünnemeyer, Schuh Anlagentechnik published in "Metallurgical Plant and Technology" 1/2012, pages 44-49.

Last update: 20.03.2013


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