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crushing of ingots
milling of coarse powder
Aligning in a magnetic field

VACODYM® and VACOMAX® (Nd-Fe-B and Sm-Co) alloys can be melted in vacuum induction furnaces with extremely low impurities. The casted ingots are polycrystalline. The magnetic moments of the individual crystals are isotropically distributed.

Anisotropic magnetic materials are manufactured by powder metallurgy. The ingots are crushed and milled into a single crystalline powder in a protective gas atmosphere in several stages using jaw crushers, powder mills and jet mills.

For the manufacture of anisotropic magnets, such alloy powders are

  • aligned and pressed in a magnetic field and
  • densified by sintering.


  • Melting Technique for Rare Earths
  • Alloy Technique
  • Processing Reactive Metal Powders
  • Powder Characterisation

Last update: 03.12.2012


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