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VACUUMSCHMELZE early began to transfer labor-intensive manufacturing processes to more cost-effective countries. Since the 1980's VAC has maintained production facilities in Asia. As a result of this transfer VAC has a well-established production network in Europe and Asia, which is optimized and best-suited for each product group.

VAC Germany
Hanau is the headquarters and key production facility with around 1450 employees. From here all important activities are coordinated and here we melt all alloys and process them further. Economical production plants, modern testing techniques, resource protection and active environmental protection (certified according to DIN EN 14001) characterize the production of alloys and parts as well as permanent magnets and magnet assemblies.

VAC Slovakia
VAC manufactures cores and components as well as soft-magnetic parts for power electronics and permanent magnets and magnet assemblies in its facility in Horná Streda, near Bratislava.

VAC Asia
The location in Pekan, Malaysia manufactures inductive components for the automotive industry.

VAC China
VACUUMSCHMELZE manufactures tape wound cores and components for power electronics at the production plant in Shenyang. With its partner San Huan VAC is operating the joint venture SANVAC dedicated to the production of neodymium-iron-boron magnets in Beijing.

Last update: 07.12.2016


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