Working in Shenyang - China

Almost 1100 people in Shenyang plant in China, over 900 of them in our production facilities. Our production is running at full speed - the machines do not stand still and scream for hands to grasp.

Our technical services take care of electrical and mechanical maintenance, the supply of machinery and facility management.


Jobs in Shenyang

Magnetic, metallic materials and products made thereof attract you just as much as we do? Get away from the old and get involved with us: For the production of our products we are looking for clever team players with talented hands.

At our six production sites, we are one of the few companies in the world to map the entire process chain: From the production of the materials to the product made from them, we find the right solution for every requirement.

In Shenyang plant, more than 900 plant people are driving our machines at full speed every day. Our main product: Current transformers, Current sensors, etc.

More than 20 years in Shenyang, our products have been moving to many corners of the world. Do you want to become a member of VAC Shenyang?

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Shenyang – China
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