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By combining material technology and application skills VAC offers Common Mode Chokes with a very broadband attenuation in the 150 kHz to 30 MHz frequency range. The current-compensated chokes are also characterised by excellent temperature stability and a small size.

Common Mode Chokes are used in frequency converters and switched mode power supplies to attenuate common-mode interference. Common-mode currents are the main cause of conducted and radiated interference.

The customer can choose from a broad spectrum of types. If necessary, application-specific proposed solutions can be designed.

The following physical material and construction element properties are the basis for dimensioning:

  • Permeability course via the frequency, modulation and temperature
  • Saturation induction (also considers temperature dependency)
  • Copper losses (considers skin and proximity effect)
  • Heat conduction (core, casting compound, housing,…)
  • Winding structure and associated parasitic capacities

 These determine the application-relevant variables, such as

  • Attenuation via frequency, modulation and temperature
  • Nominal current
  • Maximum permitted unbalance current
  • Application temperature range
  • geometry / volume

VAC's simulation program can very accurately predict the attenuation for a large number of core materials. Here, it becomes clear that a measurement on a typical common mode choke almost ideally concurs with a simulation.

Last update: 05.09.2016


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