Magnetic Shielding

Magnetically Shielded Rooms (MSR) VACOSHIELD®

MSRs are used to shield applications that are very sensitive to magnetic sources of disturbance. Our VACOSHIELD® rooms are a proven solution that has become an industry standard.

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69 to 82 % Nickel-Iron  MUMETALL®

These high permeability materials differ mainly in the level of permeability. Permeability increases in the series from the standard grade MUMETALL® to the highest grade ULTRAPERM® 250.

VACOPERM® 100 D is solid material.

MUMETALL and VACOPERM 100 are copper containing alloys with the magnetostriction constant λ111 adjusted to zero. MUMETALL is intended for soft magnetic cores or parts. VACOPERM 100 and the different grades of ULTRAPERM have the same alloy composition. They differ in the level of initial and maximum permeability, rising from VACOPERM 100 up to the superior grade ULTRAPERM 250.

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40 to 50 % Nickel-Iron  PERMENORM®

Alloys with a Ni-content of around (40 to 50) wt% are characterized by a maximum in the saturation polarisation of up to JS = 1,6 T and a medium range permeability. By selecting appropriate rolling and annealing conditions, the shape of the magnetization curve can be varied over a wide range.

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Nanocrystalline Material  VITROPERM®

VITROPERM® is an iron-based nanocrystalline material with an outstanding combination of soft-magnetic properties which make it the state-of-the-art material for a wide range of applications, e.g. common mode chokes (CMCs), current transformers (CTs), EMI filters and shielding material in wireless power transfer.

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