Current Measurement

Closed Loop Current Sensors

Closed-loop current sensors with VAC-invented magnetic probe as zero field detector for highest accuracy. VAC current sensors cover three orders of magnitude of rated current between 1.5 A and 1,700 A.

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Current Transformers

Current transformers for 50 Hz/60 Hz energy meters require core materials with highest permeability and linearity.

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Differential Current Sensors

Closed-loop differential current sensors with VAC-invented magnetic probe for highest accuracy. VAC differential current (DI) sensors cover differential currents from 30 mA up to several Amps.

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All Current Sensitive DI Sensor benvac

benvac is a differential current (DI) sensor specifically developed for EV-charging providing all-current sensitivity. The sensor can trigger an automatic shut-off in case of hazardous electrical faults (DC and AC) according to IEC 62752 or UL2231.

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